2 Types of Body Piercings You Should Know About

Body piercings don’t have a permanent nature like tattoos. But there are any varieties of piercings you can choose from. There are also various pain levels, risk and healing complexities associated with each one of them. Learning these factors help you make the best decision when considering piercing. Here are the types of body piercings you can find at body piercing shops.

  1. Ear piercings

Getting your ears pierced includes traditional and latest piercings. An orbital piercing is when side to side there are two pierced holes instead of one. Some tend to pierce the cartilage which may take more time to heal and others are the fleshy ones. Here are the types of ear piercings:

  • Lobe (including Orbital): this is the easiest one to do. This heals the fastest and better than cartilage piercing.
  • Helix and Helix Orbital: this piercing is one along the curved outer edge of the upper ear cartilage.
  • Conch and Conch Orbital: this piercing is at the largest opening of your ear and is the riskiest for cartilage and may cause infection.
  • Daith: this pierces the cartilage of the innermost fold.
  • Rook: this piercing is done along the inner ridge of ear cartilage that goes down the center, parallel to outer rim.

  • Tragus and Anti-Tragus: this piercing is done at the rounded external part of the cartilage which is located just outside the ear canal.
  • Industrial/Scaffold: it is a two hole piercing and the jewelry to be worn has a long spanning bar.
  • Snug/Anti-Helix: this piercing is done along the vertical inner cartilage ridge.
  1. Facial piercing
  • Erl/Bridge: this is done across the nose bridge.
  • Dimple/Cheek: this is done via the inside of your mouth
  • Monroe: this is done via the upper lip into the mouth
  • Septum: this is done in the center of your nose.
  • Labrets and Lowbrets: this is done under the central part of your lower lip via to the inside of your mouth.
  • Nostril: this is done via the soft cartilage of the nostril.

  • Lip Rings: this can be both external and oral.
  • Snake Bites: here two symmetrical lower lip piercings are made, more like fangs than bites.
  • Medusa/Philtrum: this is the indentation done between your upper lip and nose and can be both an oral and lip piercing
  • Eyebrow: These are more like surface piercings.

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