Comfy Style: 3 Keys to Create it!

Do you know this look of the active woman, who skilfully juggles her professional life and her private dates? That woman who goes from the office to the metro several times a day, crossing the gym, the take-out restaurant and ends up sitting on the terrace at night? Her casual but still dressy look is comfy style.

Yes, we are talking about you – before the pandemic – whose activity has not necessarily slowed down today… Because you always need comfort, here are the keys to a successful comfy style!

How is the comfy style doing?

It is obvious today: comfort reigns supreme in the wardrobes.

The comfy is both a guarantee of comfort and style. Experts are not talking here of living in pyjamas or jogging, but of associating these “soft” clothes with a dressy wardrobe for a perfect look.

You will be able to marry athletic pants with a more classic and structured top to enhance your look to a certain level of chic.

Where does the comfy style come from?

In recent years, women have claimed more flexibility in fashion. A comfort that they have long lacked in the essential rooms of their locker room. Stylists therefore began to see mixed looks blooming around 2019 among active women, a mix of sneakers, blazer and flexible materials, to be able to juggle all the facets of their life without being tucked into a suit or rigid jeans.

The 2020 pandemic has brutally reversed our lifestyles. Since the first confinement, we have all sought to create the most comfortable looks to sweeten our days.

Today, it’s time to put the total jogging / sweater look in the wardrobe for more variety! The jogging is associated with a top with a lace collar and is worn with pumps, the sweater with a waxed effect pencil skirt opted from your cheap formal dresses collection.

Three keys to creating a comfy style

  • Bet on softness

Choose materials that are comfortable for you to wear. Knitwear is particularly popular in comfy fashion, which is airy and warm at the same time, perfect for spring. On the other hand, avoid the pilou sweater or the fleece sweater!

  • Oversize still trendy

More than ever, you need full freedom of movement! Do not hesitate to choose XL size casual t shirts for women or more, to mix with an outfit closer to the body. The idea is to make you feel comfortable.

  • Mix styles

Unlike an athleisure style, for example, the comfy style readily combines a very formal or even chic wardrobe with casual pieces. Rather than an urban denim jacket, prefer the blazer or the shirt with a straight collar that you will marry with a jogging with a straight cut.

The clothes of the comfy locker room

Here are some basics of the comfy style, to guide you in your looks:

  • The short sweater or, conversely, oversize (to wear over pleated pants, for example)
  • Comfort knit sweater
  • Wide waistcoat or oversized cardigan
  • Colourful, plain or printed blazer
  • The short but oversized jacket
  • Loose straight-cut pants (mom jeans, chino-style jogging, baggy …)
  • Soft materials (like the plush sweater over a midi skirt)
  • The message casual t shirts for women
  • The large dress or maxi dress

Some comfy style icons

A champion of the comfy look, actress Sienna Miller is an ideal source of inspiration! Its New York style perfectly combines formal pieces and 100% comfort “plush” pieces. Oversized cheap formal dresses can be paired with sneakers and blazer one day, jogging and white shirt the next day: follow the guide!

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