Fashionable men’s t-shirts: how to choose

It is generally accepted that girls follow fashion, update their wardrobe from season to season, know what and how to wear in order to keep up with life. But the man puts on the first thing that has fallen out of the closet, and goes to work, contemptuously ignoring the windows.

This is as untrue as the fact that girls do not care what their chosen one looks like. Of course, not every guy will be aware of the latest novelties on the Parisian catwalks, but everyone wants and loves to dress beautifully.

Before we start putting together an actual men’s wardrobe, let’s see what interesting stylists have to offer. We will talk about cool graphic t shirts as one of the most common items of clothing for guys.

What men’s T-shirts are in fashion now?

This question could be answered in one word: any. Sports style is not going to give up positions. On the contrary, from year to year it is increasingly replacing the classics. Weddings, parties, entertainment of any format take sportswear for granted.

A suit and a shirt remained only where it is still impossible to do without a dress code. But if the trend does not change direction, perhaps in a few years both presidents and TV news anchors will change their jackets to trendy hooded hoodies.

Nevertheless, there is fresh news in the world of tactical men’s trendy clothing. To know what colors, fabrics and styles will be the most relevant in the season, keep reading.

Neon colors

This is a trend of not only men’s but also women’s fashion. Quite provocative on its own, it goes well with both the seventies aesthetics and the punk style. Agree that bright yellow, light green, lemon T-shirts are not such a problem.

It would be much more difficult to find a place in the wardrobe for a suit or coat in lime color. Sleeveless neon T-shirts will perfectly fit into a summer outfit in combination with denim jeans, shorts, cropped chinos in white, brown and purple.

V-shaped throat

At all times, a deep V-neck on a men’s T-shirt looked very sexy. It will only be more exciting if you put on a jacket directly on your naked body. By the way, this feature is also in trend, although it is clear that this option is not suitable for everyone.

Cool graphic t shirts with a V-neck are cool to combine with blazers, trench coats and shirts in a fashionable cage. A special chic is the triangular throat, slightly longer than it should have been. Fashion requires the T-shirt to look a little stretched and to expose the chest.


If you are a fan of the skinny silhouette that accentuates the athletic bump so favorably, then this season, prepare for a slight disappointment. Stylists insist on an oversized style. This is when T-shirts look like you made a mistake and bought a thing a couple of sizes larger. But there is also a plus in this type of tactical men’s trendy clothing.

It is very fashionable if the shirt falls off the shoulder, so that your muscles will still be seen by everyone who is supposed to.

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