How can you take the benefits of using free trial products from top brands?

Your daily beauty routine probably includes shampoo, lipstick, and other makeup products. These products can be expensive every month, and they add up quickly. However, what if you were able to get your makeup for free?

Yes, you read that right. Trial sampling is a marketing strategy in which brands provide free products to users through various mediums. In return, they get their customer’s views of their samples and create a bond with their customers.

But how do you get these free trial products? Well, we have the answer. And to help you figure things out, we have curated this list of ways to enjoy the benefits of trial beauty products.

1.   Cosmetic Brands

This is your best option if you want free cosmetics that don’t require surveys or mail-in orders.

Keeping customers happy is important to cosmetic brands, so what better way to do that than to offer them free samples? Freebies are always appreciated, so these companies give away free samples or even full-sized beauty products.

The majority of these brands require that you buy something to qualify for free products. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to get some bonus products if you’re already going to buy something.

2.   Drug Stores/Department Stores

There is no doubt that stores will do everything in their power to increase their customer base and keep their existing customers happy. Hence, stores provide free stuff to their customers in order to keep them loyal and satisfied! There are a lot of retailers who sell sample cosmetics for free with every purchase because of this. Simply ask for free trial products the next time you go shopping at drug stores, and you might get lucky.

3.   Product Review Sites

Using reviews to promote their products is a key strategy for beauty brands.

Peer reviews are trusted by people, so brands know to rely on them. It’s more likely you’ll try a product if a friend or a blogger recommends it, rather than hearing about it from someone in an advertisement.

The best part is that brands are willing to give out free products in exchange for customer reviews! Typically, you will need a blog you can post your reviews, or at least an online review platform.

4.   Get Subscription Boxes

Try signing up for beauty boxes offered quarterly or monthly if you’re still not sure what item is most suitable for your skin type. Even though this isn’t totally free, you’ll still be saving money compared to buying all your skincare products at full prices.

5.   Buy Trial Products from Smytten

Interested in trying a cosmetic item but didn’t want to spend a thousand dollars on the full-sized version? That’s where Smytten comes in. Almost any makeup or skincare brand can be sampled with Smytten’s wide selection of sample products. Once you’ve tried the product, you can purchase the full-size pack if you like it. You save a lot of money if you don’t.

These were some ways you can try sample beauty products for almost free. Give them a try next time you want to go cosmetic shopping!

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