How Do You Know you are Buying Legit Diamond Accessories?

Diamond jewelry is classy, something that makes them so popular. More so, diamond jewelry is a symbol of love and passion. Getting a diamond engagement ring is, for these reasons, on the bucket list of most ladies.

Buying diamond jewelry is usually an emotional journey. You want to ensure that you are picking something that your loved one will love and that it is real. However, it is often difficult to tell if a diamond ring, bracelet or necklace is authentic with just a glance.

The good news is that you don’t even have to invest in expensive equipment to distinguish between fake and real diamonds. Here are some tips for you when making a purchase.

  1. Assess the reliability of the seller

As much as there will be much more to look for, the first step towards successfully buying diamond jewelry is getting it from reputable sellers. You can get referrals from friends and colleagues for a reputable seller.

You can also look online for reviews and testimonials. If other buyers had an excellent experience h the seller, you would likely have an equally good experience.

  1. Look at the setting

You have a reliable vendor, but you should still subject the jewelry to more tests. Checking the setting will help if you buy a diamond placed in either a ring or bracelet. As you are aware, a diamond’s price tag is usually high. That means the materials that will be used for the setting will also be of remarkable quality.

This is, therefore, an easy way to check if you are buying legit jewelry. Authentic diamond jewelry will be in platinum, gold or side-stone setting. Consider the overall quality of materials used for the jewelry. If there is a mix up of low-budget materials, then it is likely that the diamond, too, is not real.

  1. Certification

The other way to tell if you are getting authentic diamonds is the availability of a certificate. Most reputable sellers provide certificates and documentation for jewelry that have diamond and other precious stones. Why is this necessary? It is proof of authenticity.

It is also worth paying keen documentation to the documentation. If the name of the manufacturer is provided, make a point of looking it up. Also, look out for care instructions and other information. The delivery and quality of the documents and information can also help you point out if the jewelry is legit.

  1. Fog test

The fog test is yet another simple test that you can do at a jewelry store. Place the diamond in front of your mouth and breath on it. A real diamond will not fog up, and if it does, only for very few seconds. A fake diamond will fog up, and the fog will remain for some time.


Do not be a victim of buying fake jewelry. Before you make a purchase, research and learn more about diamonds. Also, please familiarize yourself with the different tests that you can run to test its authenticity.

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