How To Get The Best Ethnic Look With The Gorgeous Red Sarees: Explained

For many people, red means different things. For some, it means desire and love, while for others, it signifies fertility and prosperity. For every wedding or celebration, women often wear red due to traditions and the beauty of the red colour. At weddings, the colour red often dominates the hues. While the colour red is fabulous, a red saree is something that many women have on their wardrobes.

Styling red sarees is also easy. You can create an eye-catching look with even a very minimal approach. Here’s how you can create the best ethnic look with red sarees.

Complementing Blouse Colour

When wearing a red saree, you don’t need to wear the same coloured blouse. You can style your red colour saree with an entirely different colour, like white or black. You could also have a combination of two or three colours. If your red saree has an accent, choose a blouse that pairs well with the accent colour.

The Correct Neckline

The neckline of a blouse can make your saree look glamorous and sensual when you pair it right. A good neckline looks even more amazing if you have an open pallu with a sheer red saree. You can also highlight your collarbone and neckline by keeping your hair away from your face.

Compatible Makeup

Makeup is a big part of styling your red sarees. You can make your red sarees look sharp and loud or elegant and graceful with the right makeup look. You could pair your saree with dewy makeup, which is subtle and focuses on bringing out the beauty of your features with nude lips or illuminated skin. Since red is an eye-catching and bold colour, you can add the kind of hairstyle or accessories that would balance the colour and take nothing away from the charm.

Belting your saree

Many wear waistbands with their saree. A waistband gives you an enhanced figure and a unique accessory that would make you look toned and structured. It serves as a style statement, and having it in traditional gold would make it look ethnic while bringing the charm of red to your saree.

Open Pallu

An open pallu is a classic move and makes you regal without taking anything away from the saree itself. It displays the saree’s design and style and goes along with every body type, revealing the right curves of the body. If you choose to have an open pallu, you could have another statement blouse or accessory.

Modern Blouse

A red saree is incomplete without a statement blouse, traditional or modern. Your saree will get a glamorous twist if you pair it with a halter-neck blouse or with backless details. This red saree style gives your appearance an Indo-western effect while still carrying the centre charm of the saree.

Shimmer and Shine

Instead of having a printed or solid-coloured red saree, you could opt for a saree filled with sequins and shimmer, which you could also wear with a matching shimmery blouse. This can seem overboard for some but perfect for others. If you need to go to a nighttime wedding, wear this shimmery saree and make yourself stand out with the gloss of a celebration. You could pair such a saree with lightweight jewellery and nude makeup to accentuate your features, but the focus remains on your saree.


Red sarees are beautiful, and styling them right can make your saree look unique to your personal preferences. If you are not someone who wears makeup, then you could express yourself with unique jewellery or by placing the focus on your blouse. Red sarees can be styled in many ways, and you can be fun and playful while styling them.

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