Look as Luscious as Lorde With Hair Extensions

A favourite female singing artist for many New Zealanders is Lorde, she’s completely amazing, and many people wish you could be just a little bit like her in some way, even if it’s just cosmetic. Well, the good news is there is, in fact, a way. Lorde has a fabulous head of long, brunette hair that falls beautifully around her shoulders in a lush cascade. Perhaps you are already blessed with a similar wealth of tresses yourself, but if you are like so many of us who feel they are suffering from “bad hair life” syndrome, and just can’t get your unruly tangles to produce the length and volume of someone like Lorde, then despair no more!

We have no proof of course, but there’s a good chance that even Lorde, like so many entertainers, relies on a little secret to achieve that rich, flowing head of hair. All you have to do to get in on it yourself is to inquire into halo hair at NZ Superior Hair and tell the friendly and very understanding staff that you want to have hair just like Lorde’s, and they will reply “We can help you!”, and begin measuring you for hair extensions!

You have probably heard of this extremely popular, and sometimes even life-changing technique, and wondered how it’s done. Let’s take the mystery out of it and look at the basic concept.

It’s important to understand the different types of hair that can be used for extensions. There are two camps, synthetic hair, and real, human hair. Both types have certain pros and cons but be assured that your doting experts can help you make exactly the right choice for your needs and desires.

Synthetic Hair – This is an excellent option for those of us trying out hair extensions for the first time. The basic ingredient is plastic so it cannot be heat styled (we will get to that later) and is installed using well-hidden clips. If you’re thinking “plastic” is a turn-off, reminding you of tacky Halloween wigs, then fear not, synthetic hair extensions are much higher quality, and are guaranteed to look terrific!

Human Hair – Yes, this really is hair cut from an actual person’s head, which has flourished into a micro-industry of its own! This harvested human hair is grown by people who happen to have great heads of hair, and then sold to professional dealers who supply salons. China and India are the biggest producers, but people in many parts of the world are making a tidy profit from this process. There are many different types, just as there are many different types of people, making it fairly easy to match your own hair. Rather than clips, the hair is most often heat glued directly into the hair you already possess.

So, get ready to have a superb head of hair just like Lorde has! Now, just work on your singing and maybe you can be an international superstar, too!

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