Men’s trend: adopt the American style with class!

As Coco Chanel and Yves Saint-Laurent say so well: “Fashion passes, style remains”. Today, stylists cannot deny the American influence on the fashion trend. As proof, even men seek to adopt the look of the States. Another observation: the American dress style evolves from year to year, depending on the musical trend. Several looks are highlighted, from the most casual to the most chic. But how to follow this style while remaining classy? In this article, experts give you some pro tips.

Men’s trend: jeans, a timeless one

Regardless of the fashionable style, jeans remain a timeless garment that every man must have in his wardrobe. Moreover, you can choose from various models of jeans for men, like slim fit jeans, classic or regular tapered jeans and faded jeans.

Currently, the cut close to the body is very popular. This is the model to pair with men’s casual shirts if you want to highlight your figure.

No matter what American look you want to adopt, it is clear that jeans can be the centrepiece. Besides, you can consider a total look in jeans, especially if you are a follower of the workwear style.

The masculine workwear Look

Designers owe the workwear style to the American artisans of yesteryear. It stands out with a fairly relaxed look associated with accessories of all kinds. The goal is to create an elegant rendering.

If you want to adopt this style, the sleek or checked men’s casual shirts will be your best ally. Everything will be enhanced with a jacket. Since it is about adopting a workwear outfit, your choice should be a cotton jacket. You are free to choose the colour.

For a simple, yet classy look, jeans are also to be included in your list. In the workwear spirit, it will be necessary to opt for a straight cut in order to accentuate the style. To finish the look, put on boots.

Even for men, accessories should not be downplayed, as they play a major role. Although it is not necessarily mandatory, you can enhance your style with a canvas bag, a newsboy cap, a leather belt, etc.

Streetwear style for men

Streetwear is a style that has never ceased to exist in America. If you want to go with the flow, there aren’t a lot of protocols to follow. However, in order not to fall into the vulgar and specially to remain classy in all circumstances, you will have to pay special attention to the choice of clothes you will wear.

A priori, the sweatshirt (or sweatshirt quite short) takes the front in the urban style. Model with or without hood? The decision is up to you.

Generally speaking, the sartorial trend for the streetwear look relates to sports. However, to stay chic, accentuate the men’s retro tank tops look with stylish jeans. Of course, wearing sneakers is more than recommended if you want to adopt this kind of American style.

Hope! It helped you.

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