The Main Types of women’s Low Shoes: Properties and Features

Every woman knows that there are never too many shoes and handbags. Sandals, shoes, low shoes and boots – the list is endless. And how many other types of shoes there are, just do not count. In autumn and spring, low shoes are considered the most popular footwear. What are the main types of women’s low shoes and what to wear with women’s low shoes, fashion experts will talk today.
Types of women’s low shoes:

  • Ankle boots are the most familiar model of low shoes. A distinctive feature is the height to the bone, rounded toe and wide heel. Feminine and at the same time austere model for going to work or walking.
  • Oxfords are low shoes made of leather or leatherette. They are distinguished by a wide low heel, closed lacing and a rounded toe. They are often varnished. The decorative stitching on the welt and perforation give the Oxfords a zest and recognition.
  • Derby – types of low shoes, similar to Oxfords, but their main difference is in open lacing. In this model, large sidewalls are sewn over the vamp.
  • Brogues- fashionable low shoes with open lacing. A distinctive feature of brogues is full or partial perforation, wide heel and w-shaped toe. This is a classic model sought after by women and men all over the world.
  • Monks are the embodiment of style and elegance, but they are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is important to know what to wear with women’s monk shoes in order to look appropriate. Among other models, monk shoes are distinguished by one or more decorative buckles.
  • Loafers shoes are comfortable without laces, which are usually replaced with a strap. Loafers are often decorated with leather tassels at the toe. Small, wide heels and rounded toe make them a comfortable everyday shoe for all occasions.
  • Deserts- very cute suede low shoes with open lacing.
  • Chelsea is a type of women’s low shoes that have a height slightly higher than previous models. The freebies come down to the ankles, so they can be worn even in cold autumn or slush. They do not have laces, but the presence of elasticated inserts on the sides easily solves this problem.
  • Sneakers are a mix of sneakers with low shoes on a high, stable wedge. They can be made of different materials (leather, suede, jeans, etc.).

What to wear with women’s low shoes: options for stylish combinations

Low shoes by themselves imply a combination with an autumn wardrobe. Some of the models are an absolutely feminine version of the style. In this case, fashionistas are talking about ankle boots. Stable heels, a minimum of decor make them ideal footwear for both formal business style and casual style. Skinny jeans, trousers, a pencil skirt or a knitted warm dress – ankle boots go with everything. In the evening, you can put shoes pumps heels on under a light dress and go with your loved one to a restaurant.

Athletic girls who want to look a little taller and more flirtatious will love these sneakers. A high wedge heel will help them in this, which is convenient to combine with jeans, sports dresses or warm oversized clothes.
Other types of women’s low shoes are rather a ladies’ variation on the theme of men’s shoes. Accordingly, the clothes should be designed in this style. Chelsea, brogues, deserts, monks are great shoes for those who love a fast, dynamic lifestyle. Pair them with unisex clothing, knit dresses, pastel coats and oversized scarves.

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