Why Consider Turning Ash to Diamond

The cremation growth is becoming very popular because of how it handles the remains of a loved one. Different people adore the simplicity and finality of cremation; nonetheless, they wonder how to deal with the remaining ashes. For that case, many people are considering to sprinkle the ashes into different places while others have an attractive urn that will be acting like a memorial to their loved people.  Cremation diamonds can offer the best value to people and keep the remains of their loved family members.

How to handle the process

The procedure of transforming ashes into diamonds is that challenging. You require to have carbon extraction from the ashed and later ensure they are purified and converted to graphites. The high pressure and temperature are required to turn memorial diamonds without stress. During this step, you will have the ability to choose the right color.

Purifying carbon

It is necessary to isolate and purify carbon while cremation. The right percentage of carbon will need to be burned off and purify the remaining later. After finalizing the whole process, there will be a need to refine the isolated carbon to create pure carbon. This kind of process will require the most time before you begin to make your diamond.

Diamond growth

Heat and pressure are important when diamond growth is concerned. With the help of a trained scientist and perfect machinery, the carbon will be kept at a heating temperature. This process is essential because it will enable the human ashes diamond to grow in a raw and unique diamond.

Cutting diamond

You require to consider different options at these steps while selecting the diamond cuts. Some of this includes the selection of pear, princess, emerald, radiant, or round cut. Nevertheless, the cut can determine the shining and brilliance of diamonds the way you can buy the diamond in the store. There are various cuts you can get from different companies. Considering the verify their websites, you will get more support.

Coloring of diamond

If you are among the people who like to personalize diamonds to match your loved one’s style and preference, you can choose the most attractive color. It is thus vital to understand that different diamonds are special and there are not identical besides their similarities.


there is a report on the grading of every diamond after finishing the whole process. This is similar to the time of buying an engagement ring. The grading details include clarity, color, carat, cut, and others. Such information is important when you require to use it for your appraisal and valuation when you need to ensure your diamond.

Again, when you are thinking of ordering the right cremation diamond for your family member, you must make sure you are working with a reliable and reputable company. The right team will make sure all your questions are answered and help you choose the right diamond to memorize your loved ones. The right diamond jewelry is important when you need to remember your lost family member.

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